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Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

  • Aluminum Ceiling Board
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    Aluminum Ceiling Board

    Description The surface treatment process of aluminum ceiling tiles mainly includes the following: Film coated process: a layer of PVC film with a thickness of 18-25 C is die-cast directly on the aluminum substrate.Roll coated process: a layer of polymer coating on the...Read More
  • Aluminum Ceiling Panel
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    Aluminum Ceiling Panel

    Description The function of aluminum ceiling plate: Has a very good corrosion resistance, resist a variety of soot, moist environment, anti-ultraviolet radiation.Environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, anti-static, do not vacuum, easy to wash. High hardness,...Read More
  • Interior Decor Ceiling
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    Interior Decor Ceiling

    Description Metal ceiling materials began to be used in public buildings in the early 20th century. In the past two years, all kinds of aluminum ceiling materials have been selected as ceiling materials by home decoration. There are many metal ceiling brands in the building...Read More
  • Aluminum Metal Ceiling
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    Aluminum Metal Ceiling

    Description At present, not all manufacturers come to measure the installation. But some businesses can provide full service, including measurement, delivery, installation and other services. The basic procedure is: User selection goods,specification, color and style; ...Read More
  • Aluminum Alloy Ceiling Tiles
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    Aluminum Alloy Ceiling Tiles

    Description Aluminum ceiling is a ceiling partition decoration material that facilitates air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation. The structure of the aluminum ceiling is a windproof special keel snap-type structure. There is no gap, and the tightness and...Read More
  • Artistic Ceilings Tiles
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    Artistic Ceilings Tiles

    Description The accessories used to install the aluminum ceiling plate include: angle channel, edge channel, triangular keels, light steel keels, hooks, pendant, expansion screws & nuts. The triangular keel also known as the furring channel, is used to snap the aluminum...Read More
  • Soundproof Ceiling Tiles
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    Soundproof Ceiling Tiles

    Description Film coated plate is a popular technology in the market of home-installed aluminum ceiling in recent years. It is also divided into pearl film and matt film. Its production process is a combination of LG film and recoating color paint, so that the surface pattern...Read More
  • Metal Sheet Ceiling
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    Metal Sheet Ceiling

    Description Aluminum ceiling plate is a special material, light and durable texture, it is widely used in home decoration ceiling, with fireproof, waterproof, lampblack stain resistance and other excellent features, suitable for kitchen and toilet, can achieve very good...Read More
  • Integrated Ceiling Tiles
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    Integrated Ceiling Tiles

    Description The measuring unit of aluminum ceiling plate is “piece”. There are 11 pieces of 300*300mm aluminum ceiling plate of one square meter; 5 pieces of 450*450mm aluminum ceiling plate of one square meter; 2.78 pieces of 600*600mm aluminum ceiling plate of one square...Read More
  • Indoor Roof Ceiling
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    Indoor Roof Ceiling

    Description There is a large part of aluminum ceiling tiles to send out logistics, which is not directly to the destination. Therefore, packaging is very important. Most of the aluminum ceiling tiles are packed in cartons, and different manufacturers may have different...Read More
  • Decorative Ceiling Panels
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    Decorative Ceiling Panels

    Description Pre-Installation Work . Determine the installation height of the ceiling, the middle sandwich is larger than 300mm, use horizontal pipes to draw lines at four corners, and use the ink fountain to pop the horizontal line. Determine the position of the ventilation...Read More
  • Traditional Pressed Metal Ceiling
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    Traditional Pressed Metal Ceiling

    Description The smooth and flawless roll coated plate is made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy plate as the base plate, and after being strictly degreasing and chemically treated on the surface of the aluminum plate, the PVDF fluorocarbon coating material from the...Read More
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