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  • Solar Reflector Aluminum Panel
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    Solar Reflector Aluminum Panel

    Description Solar reflector aluminum panel, high reflectivity, high temperature resistance is not easy to deform, can be customized according to customer demand a variety of specifications. Parameter Brand Name: Lvguan Product Name: Solar Reflector Aluminum Panel Place of...Read More
  • Metal Mirror Aluminum Sheet
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    Metal Mirror Aluminum Sheet

    Description Metal mirror aluminum sheet, novel and unique materials, high quality, environmental protection, non-toxic, fire prevention. Anti-interference, can shield electromagnetic waves, with excellent heat dissipation, suitable for precision electronic products....Read More
  • Reflector Aluminum Sheet for Lighting
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    Reflector Aluminum Sheet for Lighting

    Description We not only produce mirror aluminum material, but also produce all kinds of aluminum products, such as lampshade, photo frame, aluminum ceiling, exhaust fan panel and so on. As long as you give the drawings to us, we can give you a one-stop shop for the aluminum...Read More
  • Polished Aluminum Sheet
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    Polished Aluminum Sheet

    Description With the development of science and technology, mirror aluminum is widely used in practical applications. One of the most common applications is the lighting reflectors and lighting decoration, which can increase the brightness of lighting fixtures and also make...Read More
  • High Reflective Anodized Aluminum Sheet
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    High Reflective Anodized Aluminum Sheet

    Description Mirror aluminum plate is just a general name. According to the low, medium and high mirror surface, it can be divided into standard mirror, high mirror and super mirror. In accordance with the surface processing methods can be divided into oxide series mirror...Read More
  • Embossed Metal Sheet
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    Embossed Metal Sheet

    Description The aluminum plate refers to a rectangular material having a rectangular cross-section and a uniform thickness obtained by press working (shearing or sawing) using a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material. It is customary in the international community to make...Read More
  • Aluminum Decorative Wall Panel
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    Aluminum Decorative Wall Panel

    Description The aluminum plate with a pattern on its surface is called a diamond plate. Its pattern is a lentil shape, a diamond shape, a round bean shape, and an oblate shape. The shape of the lentils on the market is most common. Our company mainly produces lentils in the...Read More
  • 1000 Serise Aluminum Coil
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    1000 Serise Aluminum Coil

    Description Patterned aluminum sheet can provide roll shape, strip shape, plate shape, and sheet shape, with considerable production and sufficient inventory. According to the alloy composition, it is divided into: high-purity aluminum plate (rolled from 99.9% or more pure...Read More
  • 0.5mm Aluminum Sheet
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    0.5mm Aluminum Sheet

    Description Orange peel aluminum plate is mainly used for: pipe insulation engineering, automotive (highway) signs, oil (power plant) pipe insulation, daily necessities, general industrial products, stamping, can making, water tank, fuel tank, cathode plate, cable tray, bus,...Read More
  • Hammered Embossed Aluminum Panel
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    Hammered Embossed Aluminum Panel

    Description The main purpose of embossed aluminum plate: 1, lighting lighting 2, solar reflective film 3, the appearance of the building 4, interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc. 5, furniture, cabinets 6, elevator 7, signs, nameplates, bags 8, car inside and outside...Read More
  • Embossed Aluminum Coil
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    Embossed Aluminum Coil

    Description 1. Ordinary aluminum alloy plate: The aluminum alloy plate material processed with 1060/1100 aluminum plate as the base can be adapted to the normal environment and has a low price. Usually the cold storage, flooring, and outer packaging use this pattern of...Read More
  • Hammered Aluminum Sheet
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    Hammered Aluminum Sheet

    Description Embossed aluminum refers to on the basis of the aluminum plate, after rolling processing and in formation different decorative pattern on the surface of aluminum products. Embossed aluminum sheet is a high-cost modern material, and there are many types. It is...Read More
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