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  • Integrated Ceiling Tiles
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    Integrated Ceiling Tiles

    Description The measuring unit of aluminum ceiling plate is “piece”. There are 11 pieces of 300*300mm aluminum ceiling plate of one square meter; 5 pieces of 450*450mm aluminum ceiling plate of one square meter; 2.78 pieces of 600*600mm aluminum ceiling plate of one square...Read More
  • Indoor Roof Ceiling
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    Indoor Roof Ceiling

    Description There is a large part of aluminum ceiling tiles to send out logistics, which is not directly to the destination. Therefore, packaging is very important. Most of the aluminum ceiling tiles are packed in cartons, and different manufacturers may have different...Read More
  • Decorative Ceiling Panels
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    Decorative Ceiling Panels

    Description Pre-Installation Work . Determine the installation height of the ceiling, the middle sandwich is larger than 300mm, use horizontal pipes to draw lines at four corners, and use the ink fountain to pop the horizontal line. Determine the position of the ventilation...Read More
  • Traditional Pressed Metal Ceiling
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    Traditional Pressed Metal Ceiling

    Description The smooth and flawless roll coated plate is made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy plate as the base plate, and after being strictly degreasing and chemically treated on the surface of the aluminum plate, the PVDF fluorocarbon coating material from the...Read More
  • Fireproof Ceiling Tiles
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    Fireproof Ceiling Tiles

    Description The roll coated board is made of high-quality aluminum alloy board using international standards as the base board, and is formed by three-coat three-roller coating process. The advantages are: Health and environmental protection: Using the international standard...Read More
  • Flower Pattern Ceiling
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    Flower Pattern Ceiling

    Description Roll coated ceilings are brightly coloured, both with the strength and excellent flexibility of the aluminum plate, and with good corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the paint film. Not only can withstand deformation under high wind and pressure, but...Read More
  • Roll Coated Ceiling Tiles
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    Roll Coated Ceiling Tiles

    Description The roll coated plate is made of high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy. The surface coating adopts German Henkel film aluminum technology and imported PVDF fluorine or PE paint. The surface color is diverse, the color is uniform and delicate, with strong adhesion,...Read More
  • Interior Decoration Ceiling Tiles
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    Interior Decoration Ceiling Tiles

    Description The surface of the aluminum ceiling plate is flat and the ridgeline is clear. The ceiling system reflects the appearance effect of neatness, generosity, richness and elegance, and an open field of vision. The aluminum ceiling plate has the advantages of...Read More
  • Pressed Metal Ceiling Panels
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    Pressed Metal Ceiling Panels

    Description The Features Of Aluminum Ceiling Plate: Excellent board coating performance. The high-quality aluminum ceiling plate is generally made of high-quality paint. It is coated by imported automatic high-speed coating line. The surface of the plate is flat, with no...Read More
  • 3D Stretch Ceiling
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    3D Stretch Ceiling

    Description The Features Of Aluminum Ceiling Plate: 1, Sound insulation, heat insulation, shockproof. The vibration attenuation coefficient of the aluminum ceiling plate is six times that of the pure aluminum plate. The sound insulation of the air is better than other plates,...Read More
  • Aluminum Perforated Ceiling
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    Aluminum Perforated Ceiling

    Description With the development, there are many kinds of integrated aluminum ceiling for home decoration, and a variety of different processing technologies have been applied to them. Like film coated, roll coated, 3D printed and so on, the series are the most popular...Read More
  • Heat Insulation Roof Ceiling
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    Heat Insulation Roof Ceiling

    Description Aluminum ceiling plate as the important material of ceiling, more and more widely used in decoration. Many consumers have the mistake of buying, they think aluminum ceiling plate more thicker more better, actually is not. Thickness of 0.5/0.6 mm just right, too...Read More
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