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  • Types of False Ceiling Boards
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    Types of False Ceiling Boards

    Description The surface treatment process of the aluminum ceiling plate can be divided into several forms such as spray coated, roll coated, and film coated. Wherein the sprayed plate is affordable, but the service life is short, and the color difference is easy to appear;...Read More
  • Types of Suspended Ceiling
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    Types of Suspended Ceiling

    Description Identify the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum ceiling plate material, in addition to observe whether the thickness of the plate is uniform, but also depends on the elasticity and toughness of the aluminum ceiling plate. You can bend it by hand by selecting...Read More
  • Waterproof False Ceiling
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    Waterproof False Ceiling

    Description In general, small-sized places, such as kitchens and bathrooms, use small aluminum ceiling plate to increase the openness of space. A large area can be selected with a variety of aluminum ceiling plate, no matter what kind of shape, you can achieve a strong...Read More
  • Simple Pop Ceiling
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    Simple Pop Ceiling

    Description Aluminum ceiling plate is semi-finished product, need professional installation ability to use, can say is "three cent quality, seven cent installation". Aluminum ceiling plate and electric appliance are the important component of ceiling, in the first...Read More
  • False Ceiling Tiles
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    False Ceiling Tiles

    Description High-quality sheet uses computer to adjust the uniformity of the paint and handle it in a completely closed environment. The paint has strong adhesion, fineness and uniformity. The double-sided painted aluminum plate will not be oxidized, because the humidity of...Read More
  • Integrated Decoration Ceiling
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    Integrated Decoration Ceiling

    Description Film coated is a physical process. A layer of film and a layer of aluminum plate are laminated by high temperature and high pressure. The advantages of film coated process are: Smoke-Proof: Made of PVC high gloss film, easy to clean. Wear-resistant: unique PET...Read More
  • Golden Mirror Aluminum Perforated Ceiling
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    Golden Mirror Aluminum Perforated Ceiling

    Description The ceiling panel is made of gold mirror aluminum, which is bright in combination with lighting. Round hole design is artistic, fashionable and beautiful. The back plate is galvanized iron plate, making the panel arc. A very high-end ceiling, the overall look is...Read More
  • Galvanized Iron Honeycomb Panel
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    Galvanized Iron Honeycomb Panel

    Description This is a very artistic perforated ceiling, wavy plate. Round hole design, good breathable performance, effectively reduce noise. It is suitable for use in airports, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants. Installation Precautions:Pay attention to the...Read More
  • Circular Exhaust Fan Panel
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    Circular Exhaust Fan Panel

    Description At present, there are 300*300mm and 600*600mm exhaust fan aluminum alloy panels available in the market. The internal shape of the panel can be diversified to choose from, such as shape-return, round, straight-row, and willow-type. In addition to being used as a...Read More
  • Square Exhaust Fan Panel
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    Square Exhaust Fan Panel

    Description This is a aluminum alloy panel, the component of exhaust fan, not the entire exhaust fan. Our aluminum alloy panels use high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy as substrates, which good rigidity, strong toughness, environmental non - toxic, anti - oxidation. In...Read More
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